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Moving Tips

Prepare for Your Move

Being prepared for your move is the best way to ensure everything goes smoothly. MJ Moving & Storage will assign you a move coordinator. This person can advise you on all steps of the moving process.

To get started, here is a brief time-line of some recommended steps:

6-8 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Start to inventory and evaluate your belongings, including items in your attic, basement, storage shed, etc. Is there anything you can donate or sell?

  • Make arrangements for storage services.

  • Begin using items in your house which you won't be able to move such as cleaning products and frozen food.

  • Make a list of people to notify of your move including friends, family, subscriptions, creditors, etc.

3-4 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Notify utilities (cable, phone, electricity, etc.) of your service shutoff date.

  • Arrange for insurance in your new location.

  • Make travel arrangements for the day of your move. (Don't make plan reservations for the actual day of your move. Give yourself 1-2 days cushion to handle any unexpected events.)

  • Purchase moving supplies including boxes.

  • Begin packing any items that you will not need immediately.

  • Have a garage sale for your unneeded items - or donate items to charity.

1-2 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Make sure your car is in good working order if you plan to drive to your new location.

  • Settle any outstanding bills with local merchants.

  • Empty safety deposit boxes. Pick up dry cleaning. Drop off library books and video rentals.

  • Take pets to the vet for immunization and to retrieve pets' health records.

Your MJ Moving & Storage relocation consultant is always available to consult with you on any moving and packing-related questions. If you are doing some or all of your packing yourself, here are a few tips from us.

General Packing Tips

  • Limit your boxes and cartons to a maximum of 50 pounds.

  • Wrap items carefully.

  • Use crushed newsprint for cushioning.

  • Use boxes that can be securely taped shut.

  • Pack similar weight items together.

  • Label all boxes with your name, original room, destination room, brief description of contents.

Room by Room Tips for Packing:


  • Drain power tools of oil and gas.

  • Use old towels to wrap sharp-edged tools

  • For grills, dispose of charcoal and, if applicable, disconnect propane tank. Propane tanks cannot be transported in the moving truck.

  • Keep hardware for disassembled items in small, plastic bags.


  • Dispose of all perishables.

  • Wrap china and glasses separately in clean paper. Use a large amount of paper padding between items in boxes.

  • Pack heavier items such as pots and pans in the bottom of boxes.

  • For large appliances such as refrigerators: clean thoroughly and disconnect all hoses. If necessary, have a licensed technicians disconnect the appliance (in the case of gas ranges).


  • Hanging clothing can be transported in large wardrobe cartons available from us. If wardrobe boxes are not used, fold and pack clothing in suitcases or boxes lined with clean paper.

  • Use a large, clean plastic bag for packing linens in boxes. Linens and bedding can be used as cushioning for boxes.

  • Mattresses should be packed in mattress cartons. Pillows make good padding for other items.

  • Mirrors should be packed in special cartons.

  • If you like, have your area rugs cleaning before moving. You'll receive them rolled in a form easy for transport.

Living Room

  • Pack books of the same size together in a box. Do not overload boxes.

  • Lamp shades are particularly fragile. Pack with clean paper and place in a box at least two inches large than shade diameter. Label the box "Lamp Shades - Fragile - Top Load Only."

  • For stereo equipment, secure as appropriate for disc players and turntables. Consult your manual.

  • Furniture: Your moving professionals will shrink wrap large items such as sofas. Talk to your moving professionals beforehand about leather items. Couch pillows can be packed in large boxes.

  • For large items such as pianos or pool tables, a qualified professional should assist you with moving preparations.

The big day is here! Though the actual day of your move can be busy, many of the stresses of moving day can be avoided. MJ moving professionals will help you every step of the way.

2-3 Days Before Your Move

  • Defrost your freezer and refrigerator. Prop doors open so they don't accidentally shut.

  • Pack a box of personal items that you will need immediately upon arrival at your new home. Make sure to set this box aside!

  • Contact your MJ relocation consultant to confirm arrival time of the moving professionals. Notify your MJ representative of any last-minute details.

Moving Day

  • Make sure that someone is at home to answer the moving professionals' questions.

  • Pack special items for your children including snacks, toys and any favorite items. Moving can become a long and disorienting day for them.

  • Clear walkways and driveways.

  • Remove floor mats and door mats,

  • Remove low-hanging items such as plants or wind chimes.

  • Point out special-items to your moving professionals immediately.

  • Read your bill of lading and inventory carefully before you sign them. Make sure you understand all the paperwork and keep it safe until the moving process is complete.

  • Find out as many details as you can before the driver leaves your residence. Make sure the driver has clear directions to your new residence.

  • Your driver may give you a delivery estimate. Understand that certain conditions ( traffic, weather) can affect delivery times. Try to be flexible.

  • Take one last sweep of your house, checking all closets, the garage, attic, and basement. You don't want to find out that an important (or heavy!) item was left behind.

  • Have a great trip!


You've arrived at your new home. Just a few more details to handle! Contact your MJ move coordinator as soon as you arrive in your new hometown. Your driver should contact you at least 24 hours prior to the expected delivery time.

  • When your delivery arrives, have a room-by-room floor plan in mind to assist the moving professionals.

  • The driver is required by law to collect payment for your move before your shipment can be unloaded, unless approved billing or credit arrangements have been made in advance.

  • A copy of the bill of lading signed by the driver will be your receipt.

  • Once unloading begins, use the customer check-off sheet to note items delivered.

  • If any items appear damaged or missing, note this on your inventory (including the driver's copies) and notify your MJ move coordinator.

  • If you have requested unpacking as part of MJ moving services, your boxes will be unpacked and all cartons and packing material removed. If you have not requested these services, you will be responsible for disposing of all moving materials.

  • If you have requested assembly services, confirm that these services occur.

Enjoy your new home!

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